Alyx Memes That Prove The Game Makes No Sense

After nearly a decade of radio silence, Valve shocked the world with the announcement and subsequent launch of a brand new sport. Not solely that, however it was a Half-Life sport. Was it the fabled, memed-about Half-Life 3?

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Alas, no. What followers did get was Half-Life: Alyx, an incredible sport in and of itself, however not with out its flaws and questionable gameplay. And what higher means to deal with the unhealthy whereas appreciating the great than a number of choose memes?

10 How Are You Nonetheless Alive?

VR has been round since, surprisingly, the Nineteen Sixties, although it did not take off in gaming till the 2010s. And regardless of its relative longevity, it has been gradual to catch on in lots of sides of life, gaming included – a lot so, that many thought-about VR gaming basically a useless enterprise.

Nonetheless, then got here Valve and Half-Life: Alyx to show the medium was removed from deceased. The wittiness of the meme is barely exacerbated by the truth that it is introduced by Workforce Fortress characters, an older sport by Valve that is maintained fairly a bit of recognition regardless of its age. A daring prediction, that VR and/or Alyx may even keep such longevity. This is to hoping that’ll be seen.

9 Easier Instances

Half-Life: Alyx was solely launched again in March 2020, which feels prefer it was 200 years in the past. Contemplating all that has occurred since then, March 2020 would possibly as properly be when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The irony? The sport – set in a post-apocalyptic future – dares to trace on the previous that was, however does not encapsulate the current that’s. The place are the decaying facemasks? The place are the rusting VR headsets? Alyx doesn’t have sufficient 2020 talked about. On second thought, that is most likely for the very best.

8 Context, Individuals, Context

Ah, out-of-context spoilers. They have been nice when it got here to Marvel, and so they’re simply as nice right here, too. They reveal every thing and but nothing about plots and characters and all of the twists and turns of leisure and media. Actually, they’re type of an in-joke to those that’ve completed that respective media piece.

However what, precisely, do all these spoilers imply, to the inexperienced eye? Nicely, contemplating the sport nonetheless hasn’t been out for a yr but (one way or the other), we’ll cross up on contextualizing spoilers for now. In any case, Half-Life is greatest skilled first-hand!

7 Why You Gotta Be So Impolite?

Maybe it is a slight spoiler? Or maybe not, as this little scene depicted is from an earlier portion of the sport. This meme will be excellent when dropped in sure conversations, particularly when encountering undesirable recommendation, opinions, or any disagreeable expertise. These outdoors the know might be like “who the heck is Alyx?” whereas those that’ve performed might be happy (or insulted if the meme is geared toward them).

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However within the context of the sport, it reveals a relatively massive flaw within the writing; the individual with the gun provides the orders, not the individual at gunpoint. One would suppose Alyx can be sensible sufficient – or no less than, have sufficient self-preservation – to not run her mouth when she’s the one at gunpoint.

6 Completely Superior But Oddly Insulting

A backhanded praise if there ever was one. On one hand, it is calling the receptor of the meme epic. Alternatively, the reward for that epicness is an providing of a parasitic alien that turns folks into zombies. And it has a grammatically incorrect your.

After all, there’s the truth that Gordon Freeman, of all characters, is the one providing mentioned headcrab, presumably to Alyx. Upstaging Alyx and stealing the highlight on the very finish of her personal sport just isn’t cool. It is nonetheless a reasonably badass picture and scene, even when this meme just isn’t delicate.

5 If They Have not Realized By Now

Loads of video games are fairly merciful with their fight and assets, or on the very least balanced. If ammo and weapons are scarce to return by and restricted by carrying capacities, video games will often keep away from losing bullets within the midst of fight. If ammo and weapons are plentiful, the inverse might be true. However not Half-Life, oh no, not even for Alyx Vance.

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Reloading a weapon down one bullet will waste each different loaded. As ammo is scarce sufficient as it’s, this hilarious little quote sums up the foolishness of that resolution fairly properly. However since when, precisely, may plain outdated zombies communicate on this universe?

4 I See You’ve got Been Working Out

Again to the Headcrabs, gamers of Half-Life: Alyx will discover a sure newfound ferocity to those tiny little vermin. Certainly, it seems that within the span between Half-Life 1 and a couple of, these zombie-making parasites acquired a significant power increase, one which turns them from low-level nuisances to truly terrifying enemies.

A part of this may be attributed to the heavier give attention to horror in Alyx, whereas the remaining will be credited to higher, extra trendy AI. However given the timeframe of the story, it does increase some questions on how and why these nasty little vermin went again from lethal encounters to pathetic parasites between Alyx and Half-Life 2. Oh properly, perhaps a Half-Life 3 will treatment this.

3 You’ve got Been Working Out Too

Talking of stronger enemies, let’s speak about Mix! For an evil, multi-dimensional/common empire, it certain did not appear that means within the first Half-Life. Half-Life 2 barely improved upon this, giving some spine to their antagonistic forces.

However the Mix of Half-Life: Alyx? Nicely, Spongebob on this meme speaks for them fairly properly. However once more, Alyx is a midquel, going down between Half-Life 1 and a couple of. Chronologically, Mix went from pansies to badasses then again right down to mid-tier threats. What occurred to you guys, man?

2 Actual Intellectuals Know the Fact

However talking of midquels, let’s take a second to debate that ever-looming reality about Half-Life: Alyx. Don’t misunderstand, it was a breath of contemporary air to lastly obtain new content material from Valve, and the sport expanded properly upon a beloved character of the franchise, Alyx Vance.

That mentioned, was Alyx actually crucial over persevering with the plot of the unique video games or Valve’s different properties? Did the world actually need Half-Life: Alyx over, say, a sure long-awaited Half-Life 3, or even perhaps one other Portal sport? Let’s acknowledge Half-Life: Alyx for what it actually is: Half-Life 1.5.

1 Worst Half-Life Ever

Some of the iconic elements of the Half-Life franchise, for higher or worse, is its peculiar arsenal of weapons. Particularly, its major melee weapon, the crowbar. Used from dealing harm to prying open secret tunnels and escape routes, this rusty piece of twisted steel wriggled its means into many gamers’ hearts.

How does Half-Life: Alyx repay them? Naturally, by eradicating this iconic weapon. Once more, being extra targeted on horror over motion, it solely made sense to remove among the overpowered arsenal obtainable in different titles. However why the crowbar, Valve? Why?

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