If you love Factorio’s automation, play Dyson Sphere Program next

Land on an alien planet. Start harvesting sources like stone, iron ore, and copper. Construct machines to do the harvesting for you, and turbines to energy these machines. String collectively conveyor belts to maneuver sources from mining gear to fabricators, create merchandise, and ship these merchandise to assemblers to create extra advanced merchandise. Construct machines, and ultimately, construct machines that may construct machines.

If it sounds acquainted, you’ve got most likely performed Factorio, or possibly Passable. If you happen to like these video games, I’ve received a hunch you will additionally like Dyson Sphere Program, now in Early Entry, as a result of it is swinging across the similar type of huge automation power. Plus, you do not have to stay to only one planet. Dyson Sphere Program’s received a lot greater plans for you than that.

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