Intel is already benchmarking its high-end gaming GPU in 3DMark

Intel has been teasing us a couple of new model of discrete gaming GPUs for some time, specifically: Intel Xe. It is coming in a number of configurations and, on the prime finish of the stack, Xe-HPG is about to reach as a high-performance, gaming optimised GPU. And perhaps, with the kind of tech Intel’s been dropping into its server GPUs, it’s going to be able to tackle present market leaders AMD and Nvidia. 

We have seen a bit of what the decrease finish of the line-up can do, with the wee Xe chip showing within the newest Tiger Lake laptops, and Intel’s chief GPU architect Raja Koduri has been drip feeding us high-end server graphics teasers for months. However now we have got a screenshot of the gaming-centric Intel Xe-HPG really operating on an as but unreleased 3DMark take a look at.

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