Ranking all of VALORANT’s maps

Group-made VALORANT maps won’t come anytime quickly, in response to design director Joe Ziegler. However Riot’s nonetheless devoted to growing map selection.

VALORANT’s closed beta launched with three maps earlier than Ascent and Icebox had been added in a while. And whereas every one provides a unique function and theme, some are positively extra profitable than others.

Although there are solely 5 for the time being, Ziegler mentioned a “couple extra” would assist Riot really feel “snug” with the sport’s map range in final month’s Dev Diaries. Within the meantime, Dot Esports assessed the tactical shooter’s present stock.

Listed below are our map rankings for VALORANT.

5) Break up

Picture by way of Riot Video games

VALORANT gamers both love Break up or hate Break up—and most followers hate it.

Riot tweaked the map and adjusted barrier areas in Patch 0.50, giving attacking groups extra of a preventing likelihood. However Break up nonetheless closely favors defending groups. In First Strike: North America, for instance, defenders received 55 p.c of the rounds on the map, in response to No different map has that massive of a discrepancy.

It is merely troublesome to push on to both level. Defenders can arrange traps, smokes, and one-ways to stall, enjoying protected till the attackers resolve to make a transfer. And Break up’s tight corners and quick sightlines are optimum Raze, who can use her grenades and rockets to effortlessly kill unsuspecting enemies with little counterplay.

Unfortunate groups that begin off on attacker’s aspect typically fall right into a deep gap within the first half. This places the momentum on those that defend first, solely needing to string collectively a few rounds to win the match.

Whereas Riot is planning some steadiness adjustments to the map, they doubtless will not seem till the following act.

4) Ascent

Picture by way of Riot Video games

Ascent debuted when VALORANT formally launched in June, providing some selection after the closed beta. However its lengthy sight traces and prolonged rotations go away little room for error and require loads of communication.

For Operator lovers, Ascent is enjoyable. You possibly can submit up in the midst of the map and check your goal in opposition to any rotators, stragglers, or peekers. And since coordinating the best smokes with a synchronized push is commonly laborious in solo queue, snipers can make the most of a workforce’s miscues.

Mobility brokers can actually have quite a lot of enjoyable on this map, leaping on partitions and crates to outplay opponents. And even the nerfed sentinels can maintain down a website with well-placed traps.

If a workforce is ready to take over a website and plant, nevertheless, it may be laborious to retake the purpose. That is particularly problematic for B website, since there are such a lot of angles that gamers should look out for. All of the enemy’s attainable areas can go away your head spinning. Are they at boat home? Hiding in cubby? Behind the double stack? Or just ready by B tunnels? Should you’re already low on numbers, you are higher off simply saving your gun.

3) Icebox

Picture by way of Riot Video games

Icebox is the tac shooter’s latest map. However it’s receiving some blended evaluations.

The snowy tundra has tight angles, choke factors, lengthy rotations, and verticality, making it a nightmare for rusty or inexperienced gamers. If attacking groups do not execute their push rapidly, they’re liable to get flanked from both website. If the attacking workforce pushes by means of and claims a website, they’ll simply lower off rotations and end the job.

These aren’t essentially cons or execs, however maybe preferences. Jett, Raze, and Omen mains could benefit from the verticality, which helps them get to cheeky vantage factors. And gamers who take pleasure in skirmishing and deathmatch may like extra motion that assessments their shot. However some tact and technique is misplaced on this map, which appears to favor exact gunplay as a substitute.

Patch 1.14 ought to remedy quite a lot of Icebox’s issues, decreasing the peak of a number of vantage factors to create easier crosshair placement. And attackers hitting A will not have to fret about enemies hiding behind the double stack of Radianite crates, which have now been eliminated.

2) Haven

Picture by way of Riot Video games

Haven is the one map that does not clearly favor defenders over attackers. Gamers have three choices to plant a spikeA, B, or C websiteand may simply rotate by means of their spawn with out enemies listening to them. And whereas defenders are compelled to unfold their numbers skinny throughout the map, they’ll rapidly rotate from one website to the opposite.

There are additionally a number of methods to get on any website, leaving room for fascinating pushes and techniques. And this makes getting B management tactically vital for each groups. If attackers can management B, for instance, they’ll then choose off stragglers from A and C since they doubtless will not be collectively. If defenders can keep B management, then they’ll simply rotate to both website or probably catch enemies once they’re rotating. Storage can be a pivotal place since it will probably result in C, B and the defender’s spawn.

Haven additionally features a little little bit of the whole lot. Tight choke factors (A brief and storage), lengthy sight traces (C and An extended), and skirmish potential (B). Plenty of brokers can have enjoyable on this map. Sova can nail enemies from lengthy distance together with his final, Jett and Raze can hop onto crates and packing containers for nice vantage factors, and sentinels can arrange their defenses to throw off an enemy push.

Whereas there won’t be a transparent gimmick like ziplines or teleporters, the identify of Haven’s sport is steadiness. And it really works to perfection.

1) Bind

Picture by way of Riot Video games

Bind is certainly a fan-favorite as a result of it is effectively balanced and its gimmick, the teleporters, can assist for last-minute rotations and main outplays.

The desert-like map would not have a real center lane, like Break up, Icebox, or Ascent. As an alternative gamers should assault or defend two factors on every lane, for a complete of 4. This initially appears problematic for attackers, who’re compelled to infiltrate a website by pushing by means of extraordinarily tight lanes (like B website’s Hookah or A website’s Showers). However the teleporters greater than compensate for that.

Groups can pretend a push into one website, get a choose or two, after which instantly rotate by means of a teleporter. This will throw off defenders, who could also be compelled to gamble on a rotation. Defenders, however, have clear factors they should safe. They only should execute it effectively.

Teleporters apart, the map additionally holds another fascinating options and honest crosshair placement. The cramped Hookah can result in nice gunfights or fiery ends from a grenade or molly. And gamers can typically get a one-vs-one duel in Showers in the event that they need to restrict check their goal.

Whereas Bind could barely favor defenders (52 p.c in First Strike: NA), it isn’t egregious sufficient to warrant steadiness adjustments. It is enjoyable, honest, and pleasant to either side.

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